Assurance + Special Guests: Dissonants, A Titan A Deity and Vanitas



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1st Jan 1970


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12:00am - 12:00am


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ASSURANCE return to Birmingham for their third hometown headliner, supported by DISSONANTS plus local legends, A TITAN A DEITY and VANITAS.ASSURANCE, FFO: Currents, Allt, Void Of Vision. With earth-shattering riffwork inspired by Sleep Token, atmospheric, airy synths aplenty, hyper-aggressive vocals mirroring Parkway Drive plus thunderous percussion, Assurance offer up an ultra-high-octane frenzy of fierce, contemporary sound. Following their successful debut EP 'The Beginning Of The End' in late 2021, Assurance have gone onto headlining shows in Birmingham and Brighton with their newest singles 'Facade' and 'From Ruin'. 2023 has seen the band's presence expand significantly with the release of their sophomore EP 'From Ruin: Volume I', which has pushed the band from 200 to over 2,000 monthly listeners.DISSONANTS, FFO: Dayseeker, Bring Me The Horizon, Caskets. Southampton-based quintet Dissonants have been making strides in the UK's alternative rock and metal scene. The band have built a reputation for high energy and intense live shows, alongside catchy riffs and soaring melodies, making them one of the countries most exciting up-and-coming artists. Since their creation in 2017, Dissonants have amassed over a million streams with 'Malice in Wonderland', and have recently dropped standout singles 'Harlequin' and 'Grave Mind'. Dissonants are now set to dominate 2023 with their newest single, 'Silver Linings'.A TITAN A DEITY, FFO: Erra, Architects, Veil of Maya. Progressive metalcore band A Titan, A Deity from Birmingham and London blend harsh introspective vocals with crushing riffs and technical leads and melody. Having supported such bands as Monuments, Oceans Ate Alaska and Loathe amongst others and appearing at festivals such as Tech Fest, 2023 sees A Titan, A Deity releasing more new music, with their latest single Shattered by The Touch appearing on Radio 1 and Kerrang. "I only play sick bands [...] And anyone who loves metalcore is going to love this. With ATR esque riffs, thundering breakdowns and soaring vocal lines it's all here my friends, this is A Titan, A Deity" - Alex Baker @ KerrangVANITAS, FFO: Periphery, Monuments, Devin Townsend.Vanitas are a progressive metal band from Birmingham, UK. Formed in 2022 with previous members supporting the likes of established prog acts such as Monuments and Voyager, the 5-piece burst into the UK metal scene with technical riffs, big orchestral soundscapes and soaring vocals, with what they call ‘cinematic djent’.Taking inspiration from bands such as: Periphery, Tesseract, Unprocessed, Veil of Maya, Devin Townsend and more, Vanitas released their debut 4 track self-titled EP in June of 2022. Vanitas make their return with single ‘Eventum’, an anthem for the anti-hero, a dynamic progressive piece that builds and explodes like a firework.