INK. announce Birmingham show

London-based alt-rock trio, INK. was formed in London, England in 2017 by three friends: vocalist/guitarist Todd Dorigo from Manchester England; vocalist/bassist Dougie Poynter from London, England; and drummer Corey Alexander from Leeds, England.

Creating a sonic that can only be described as alternative rock meets grunge, classic rock and new age, the members of INK. are heavily influenced by a range of artists, from The Rolling Stones, Nick Cave and Nirvana to the writings of Alan Ginsberg, Vladimir Nabokov, and Jack Kerouc – often contrasting their pop-influenced hooks and bass driven verses with lyrics covering topics of anxiety, love and coming of age.

After consistently seeing each other at fashion events throughout London, Milan and Paris, Dougie and Todd, who each knew of each other as musicians and shared a common bond over their love for Ralph Steadman and the Beat Generation, decided one evening over a Sunday roast that they should pick up a guitar and write a tune or two.  Their first few songs came out so well, that they decided to join forces as a band.  Shortly after, Corey, who both Dougie and Todd knew individually as one of the best drummers in England, joined the band.

The band’s name (“INK.”) is a nod to Ralph Steadman, a Welsh illustrator best known for his ink-heavy pieces – pieces that inspired Dougie and Todd during the writing process.

INK.’s first EP, Heaven, released globally on March 14, 2018 featuring the songs “SYMPHONY WOMAN”, and “BACK TO THE NOISE” and the lead tracks, “FEVER” and “HEAVEN”.

INK Links: InstagramFacebook | Twitter

Ink play The Flapper Birmingham on Sat 12th May 2018. Tickets available here.

New Show: Tigercub

Brighton trio Tigercub, who have previously played with the likes of Pulled Apart By Horses, Demob Happy & Youth Man, return to Birmingham to celebrate the release of their brand new EP Evolve or Die. set for release on 29th September via Alcopop! Records.

From the start, Evolve or Die was the band’s mantra for the next step in their creative evolution, and would be the title of the record before they even set foot in the studio. As a release in the Tigercub canon, Evolve or Die is the latest leg of an introspective journey for a band transitioning into something entirely different, a path to somewhere new and exciting.

Evolve or Die is not a reincarnation, or a reinvention. Collectively, the band’s diverse tastes in music, the vast pool of inspiration between the three of them, their obsessive drive to learn, comprehend, even assimilate and re-interpret musical technique are deeply present within the band’s presentation of songs over their catalogue so far. It’s the latest adaptation for survival from a band who want their fans to expect the unexpected on each and every release.

Tigercub Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Tigerclub play The Flapper Birmingham on Sat 21st October 2017. Tickets available here.

Watch the video for ‘The Divided States Of Us’ below:

This Week: Gig Roundup 25th-30th April

Coming up this week at The Flapper we have Chicago trio Meat Wave on Tuesday. On Wednesday Dave McPherson of British rock band InMe plays his solo material. Saturday sees Punks Alive continue their birthday celebrations with English punk rockers Tenpole Tudor. Check out the full listings below:


Meat Wave + Cassels + Mutt + Jaded

Chicago trio Meat Wave return with their much-anticipated third album The Incessant – a bracing, emotional punk record that confronts taking responsibility for your actions with dark humour and self-deprecation, drawing influence from acts like The Breeders, Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu. Support comes from brother duo Cassels, unapologetic rockers Mutt, and moody punk band Jaded. This event is presented by Birmingham Promoters.

Watch the video for ‘The Incessant’ below:


Dave McPherson (InMe) + James Leese + Callum Kerrigan + Lauren Marie + Dan O’Connor

Dave McPherson is an English singer songwriter from Harold Wood, London. Best known for his work as lead singer and principal songwriter in award winning British rock band InMe, he has also had success as a solo artist in his own right. Support comes from James Leese, Callum Kerrigan, Lauren Marie and Dan O’Connor. This event is presented by Surprise You’re Dead.

Listen to ‘Before I Even Had You’ below:


Bent Life + Up River + Drawn In + Stranded + Splintered

Nebraska hardcore band Bent Life. Their debut album on Bridge Nine, Never Asked For Heaven, was recorded with Terror’s Nick Jett, showcasing the band evolving into an aggressive powerhouse with clarity and precision, capable of thudding riffs and surprisingly memorable, gutting hooks. Support comes from Up River, Drawn In, Stranded and Splintered. This event is presented by Surprise You’re Dead.

Listen to ‘Cheat Death’ below:


WuD + Malone + ElevenMilesBetween + Of Kings And Captains

WuD are a four-piece alternative punk rock band from the West Midlands. With catchy riffs and a chunky sound, they are “a different sounding band who clearly don’t stick to convention when writing; very well grasped the genre they are going for, interesting sound”. Support comes from Malone, ElevenMilesBetween and Of Kings And Captain. This event is presented by The Catapult Club.

Listen to EP [untitled] below:


Tenpole Tudor + The Terrorsaurs + Machine Gun Blues + The Gruffs

Tenpole Tudor are an English punk band fronted by Edward Tudor-Pole. The band first came to prominence when Tudor-Pole appeared in the Sex Pistols‘ film The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle and on three of the singles released from the soundtrack. Support comes from The Terrorsaurs playing instrumental rock’n’roll, Machine Gun Blues and The Gruffs. This event is presented by Punks Alive.

Watch the video for ‘Swords Of A Thousand Men’ below:


Darkest Hour + Venom Prison + Dead Hands + Abandonment

Washington, DC’s Darkest Hour combine the passion, energy, and soul of punk/hardcore with the style, speed, vengeance and fury of melodic speed/thrash/death metal. They helped defined the entire New Wave of American Metal sound as one of the pioneers of modern metal/core. A sound that gave the metal and hardcore/punk world the revitalization it surely needed. Support comes from Venom Prison, Dead Hands and Abandonment. This event is presented by Surprise You’re Dead.

Listen to ‘Those Who Survived’ below:

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