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Nocean + Carpet Dime + Winter Storm + Secrets Of Mariana
The Chase + Holly Taylor-Gamble + Black Cats & Magpies + Kamau
Big Ginger Kid + Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles
Influens + Enemo-J + Metasoma + Koncept + My Legacy
Our Hollow, Our Home + Invisions + High Rise + I, The Dreamer + Fade/Decay
Among The Echoes + Johnny Normal
Battle of the Bands: Sean Duggan + Jake Maddocks + Laurenmarie + Countryboy Lee
Battle of the Bands: Genesis Arc + Three Knuckle Shuffle + Kryptic Mentacide
Demob Happy
PSP Fest
Lightyear + Lobster + Black Market Beat
No Hot Ashes + The Assist + Sugarthief + The Real Cool
Tax The Heat
Hanzo + The Arosa + Namsaké + Good Problems
Cove + Parting Gift
Dead Agents + Million Empire + The Motive + Wounded Spirit + Chris Flanagan
Dearist + To The Wall
Caspian + Cloakroom
Vice Squad + The Lurkers + The Vibrators + Year Zero + Complete Dysfunction + more

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